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Why Climate Strike?

The adult generations have promised to stop the climate crisis,

but they have skipped their homework year after year.

Climate strike is a wake-up call to our own generation.

And it is the start of a network that will solve the greatest challenge in human history.

Together. We need your hands and hearts and smarts!

Our demands

Transition towards 100% Clean Energy

Keep Fossil fuel in the Ground

Support Climate Vulnerable People

Replace Fossil fuel subsidies with Free Internet

Lets Start Now

Join with your friends, invite your tutors and do an action with your whole school!

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About US

At the Global Youth Summit in Tutzing in May 2015, we came up with the idea of a global school strike for climate action. We have seen our politicians not doing their homework for years. They promised to avoid dangerous climate change, but they never delivered.

After a few meetings with participants from five continents it became clear that a global school strike would have transformative power by bringing thousands – or even millions – into an empowering global network while acting locally.